Join us in prayer May 20-27
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National Foster Care Prayer Vigil
  2012 National Foster Care
Prayer Vigil

2012 National Foster Care Prayer Vigil.  Pray for kids in Foster Care now!
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"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless ..." Psalm 82:3
Many kids in foster care feel like they don't have a prayer ... let's change that.

Most children spend the week after Christmas playing with their new toys and games, trying on and wearing their new clothes, hanging out with friends and family, or perhaps traveling to see relatives.

But not Brittany*. Four days after Christmas 2011, the 13-year-old was told without warning that she would be moving to a new foster home (her fourth in three years). Confused, disoriented, heartbroken, and traumatized, Brittany sat at the dinner table that night in a house with seven strangers who all knew and loved each other, but not her. They welcomed her, but couldn't begin to take the place of the foster parents she'd been with for the past year, the foster parents who, until that morning, she'd thought she'd be with forever.

There are more than 400,000 children like Brittany in the United States foster care system. Each of their stories is different, but in many ways, each of them is alarmingly similar. No matter their story, each and every one desperately needs prayer.

It is for children like Brittany that Cry of the Orphan, a collaboration between Focus on the Family, Show Hope, and Hope for Orphans, is sponsoring the 5th annual National Foster Care Prayer Vigil, to be held from May 20-27.

The 2012 National Foster Care Prayer Vigil offers followers of Jesus the opportunity to pray for the children, the workers, and the families in our nation's foster care system. Perhaps most importantly, it offers an opportunity for believers to ask God to work in His church on behalf of the children, to change our hearts, and use us in their lives.

Would you consider joining us by planning a prayer vigil (or more than one) in your city? Prayer vigils can be held anytime in any setting—with your family, small group, Bible study, church, and co-workers. By visiting, you can find everything you need, including suggestions on how to hold a prayer vigil, a downloadable prayer guide, and other resources to help you plan your vigil. While you're there, please take the time to register your vigil as well, so that we can track who is praying and where.

Thank you for praying and thank you for all you do for orphans and waiting children everywhere

*Name has been changed
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