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Healthy Conflict in Marriage: Video 4 — "How To Have Healthy Conflict"

Here's the last of the four parts of "Healthy Conflict in Marriage."

When you're charged up with emotion, you have to deal with yourself first. Greg and Erin share about what they do to calm down and how they commit to coming back for a healthy conversation.

So let's get started.

Watch the video below and answer a few questions in the Go Deeper section at the bottom of the page. Then check out the additional resources to get the most out of this series.

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Go Deeper...

Take your next step by doing these four things:

  1. Download the "Healthy Conflict in Marriage" discussion questions and talk with your spouse about them.
  2. Memorize and meditate on John 15:12 (ESV): "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you." Write this verse on an index card and put it in a place you will see every day, such as your bathroom mirror.

  3. Listen to Greg and Erin on a Focus on the Family® Broadcast talk about practical steps couples can make to navigate disagreements.
  4. Rate the "Healthy Conflict in Marriage" video series by on a short survey. Your feedback helps Focus on the Family improve these videos for other couples and develop new series for people like you.